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Held Screenshot (c) 2014


The title track "Catching Halos" by Damien Christopher and the pet project sets the stage with a spoken word intro, suggesting a poetic flow that ushers in 10 brand new songs that include "Written In The Stars" a moody contemporary call to the daydream,  The haunting trip hop journey of a balladesque "Roman Holiday". The tempo sling shots back up with a engaging power pop-rock track "Toss My Cap" and spins out to a infectiously dark and innovative dub-step fever dream "Beyond The Night". The extremely noteworthy final track "Im Fine" is a bittersweet gem reminiscent of the Late Lou Reed. The collection includes "Held" a mid tempo tale of resilience and empowerment that reminds us that even when you think the the dance is over, the music ending, that the story continues once you turn the page.